A Place for Heritage

A programme of research and support for heritage, cultural and community organisations led by the Cultural Engine CIC with support through the National Lottery Heritage Fund. The programme consists of two overlapping strands:

  • Research and Publication on successful heritage projects of all sizes that have contributed significantly to a ‘sense of place’. Looking at how they were conceived, what partnerships made the project successful, how the project contributes to the local distinctiveness and the wide cultural economy (tourism and local business for example).

  • Workshops and advice sessions for heritage, cultural and community groups (or local authorities where appropriate) to support them in developing their proposed heritage projects, especially to consider how the project engages with the local context (place), and what skills and expertise they will need to take the project forward to delivery (project management, finance, interpretation for example)

Please get in contact if your organisation would like to take part in A Place for Heritage. The Cultural Engine has experience of developing heritage projects at all stages, capital and revenue. We can host an online workshop to discuss your project ideas.

A Place for Heritage was launched in January 2021 and will run until April 2021.