Free Market Radicals 

Free Market Radicals (FMR) is a new programme developed in partnership between the Cultural Engine CIC and Hundred Others CIC. It is a towns/rural-focused programme to explore and take inspiration from the concept of ‘the market’. 


In particular how the concept borrows from the original meaning - a traditional space of social/cultural exchange, trade, craft and local distinctiveness which  provides the origins of many ‘market towns’ – and how this now (ironically) relates more closely with the concept of economic and cultural ‘globalisation’, which has challenged much of what a market town may have once offered in favour of corporate standardisation. There is a growing interest in ‘localism’ particularly post Covid-19, but it has been growing for some time as an alternative to the concept of a ‘free’ market approach which tend to exclude local stakeholders.


We believe that the future of towns, villages and rural spaces is a creative one, with local drive and distinctiveness at the centre of the concept. What we offer is a bespoke response to your places, curating and hosting a creative market and evening programme of debates as a way of both demonstrating what is possible and engaging with local stakeholders, business and practitioners to develop a clear and deliverable strategy for the future that can be owned and delivered locally. This will also include a detailed analysis of the local economy, heritage and cultural assets and tourism opportunities – all with a focus on putting local players at the heart of the process long-term.

Contact us about this. Also see Hundred Others CIC.

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