Peter Vadden 


Starting his career in a small private business, Peter learnt the importance of income and cash flow giving him a grounding for practicality, speed, and accuracy. Moving into the public sector brought the opportunity to develop auditing, procurement, staff management, change management and for the past 10 years senior management in running cultural services covering Museums, Libraries, Parks and Ground Maintenance, Theatres, Leisure Centre, major cultural projects, and events. The last 4 years have brought considerable experience in operational management in a tight economic environment, that has lead to the development and successful implementation of income streams, value engineering, and cost-effectiveness analysis.

Giles Tofield


Giles is an innovative and creative thinker, writer and project manager who has a track record of scoping, funding and delivering a range of projects across different sectors including culture/art and heritage, regeneration and economic development, education, transport and social well-being. He is a skilled bid and strategy writer, but he also likes to get involved in delivery, applying ideas to benefit organisations and the people they work with

Giles and Peter have worked on many projects together over the last 5 years ranging from shaping, developing and delivering heritage lottery bids, developing and visioning for museums of national quality. Together we are a team who are knowledgeable and fun to work with, utilising over 40 years of experience.

The Cultural Engine works with a large network of associates whom we use to support our projects.